Hello everyone,

Just a moment to say hi before I go to the spa to do my ‘research’ for one of my articles—I know—someone has to do it!  But it will be a nice break from the reality of the last few days.

I just want to say that if you speak French at all, which I know some of you do,—get out ‘le dictionnaire’ and send ‘quelques mots’ to Huguette.

You can use the address that I forwarded or send it to me and I’ll forward it.

That is Huguette’s but Cathy checks it since Huguette doesn’t like the computer.

I leave tomorrow to go back to Paris and to begin the rest of the trip writing various articles.  But I’ll keep in touch with Huguette while I’m here and can call relatively cheaply with a phone card.

It has been an amazing experience here, of seeing how family is the same in any language when a loved one dies and that what started with dad and Gilbert almost 65 years ago now goes on with the rest of us, still linked in a touching way.

So just know that you have family here and if you want to come and visit, start reviewing (or learning) your French.  As I told Ariel—she hopes to visit sometime, start studying French because it is as if you were dropped into a French film, without subtitles and you play a starring role.

Because they really do care about all of us across the ocean and I think we’re lucky to have that.

Hugs from over here,


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