I guess that’s what I’ve become, hanging out with all these rowers!  It’s a lot of fun though and very exciting.

Landon won his heat yesterday so went into the finals in the men’s skulling today—and won!  He beat the guy who just won the British Nationals a few weeks ago.  It was a very exciting race.  Whew!  I couldn’t breathe those last few seconds–it was close, but Landon pulled it off.  He’s such a champ.

Then he and his doubles partner Henry won their doubles race handily.  Tonight we’ll celebrate!

Tomorrow, travel on trains all day–back to London and then under the channel on the chunnel Eurostar to Paris, then on to Normandy to stay with Huguette, Gilbert’s widow, for three nights.  I’m hoping my ‘French brain’ wakes up!

She doesn’t speak any English but it’s always loads of fun and very touching to see her.

I haven’t been back since Gilbert’s funeral in February 2008, over 3 years.

Attaching some photos from today.


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