Dear friends and family,

The sun just came out after it had been snowing–a bit intimidating since I’m about to embark on a ride back to Shannon airport and then a bus to Galway.

Tomorrow is the memorial service for John O”Donohue at the cathedral there.  For any of you who don’t know, I interviewed John for the magazine The Sun last April.  There is a link to a portion of the article on my website and also on John’s–  If you want a copy of the whole article, I can mail it to you when I get home. He was an amazing teacher.

He had been a priest for 19 years and then left–he was much too liberal to survive there.  But he helped me to sort out my Catholic past and my spiritual present and to make sense of it all.  His book Anam Cara is a jewel.

He helped me so much with dealing with Sharon’s death, too and with my relationship with my mom, which was very challenging to me.  He told me:  “Just be kind to her.  She’s old and you’re not.”  I heard his words thousands of times in those last years and months of mom’s life and they were right.  He taught me so much about kindness.

I’m leaving a wonderful hotel here in Shannon. Will write more from Galway.

More soon,

Love Diane

'Traveling in Europe' 2008

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