Dear Everyone,

Just got back from an amazing dinner and the deep tub in my bathroom is calling, but I have to send a few words.   We took a tour which included the Terre Blanche Suite where Brad and Angelina stayed a few years back and which rents for 13,000 Euros a night. That’s about $20,000. It was huge, with many bedrooms, bathrooms, a pool and Jacuzzi, TV’s and whatever else you’d want. Then we went into the kitchen of their one Michelin star restaurant, the Faventia, to watch the chefs at work, drink champagne and eat wonderful hors d’ouevres–foie gras, prawns, beef brochette, pea soup–with a straw. Then on to dinner which was four courses, luckily very small, in the French style.

Everywhere you go here they greet you and say ‘bonsoir Madame’ and when we ate at the table, with the manager of the restaurant, they were right there, refilling your water glass, (and wine) so you had to watch how much you drank because it is easy to lose track when they refill like that.  What an amazing evening.

I sat next to the manager of the hotel and we spoke both French and English and as my dad would have said, ‘it was grand’. I had worked out all my clothes with Bo from Maiden Lane in Nevada City, so I could change quickly from the spa to a black skirt and top and some great earrings, pearls and a pashmina shawl that was my mom’s, to transition to the evening.

Tomorrow, we leave here to some other amazing place, but I’m hoping that my body will cooperate to wake up early and swim before we have to leave at 9am.  They have two huge pools, one in the spa and one closer to my room, both heated to a very comfortable temperature.

It was fun taking photos of the chefs with their huge chef’s hats.  I made chef’s hats for Ellie and Ava and here, they really wear them!

I always feel so thrilled to be in France, speaking French, enjoying their culture, their language, the way that they do things, with so much heart, so much time, so much pleasure and the hope that you will feel and enjoy their efforts.  I do and I have.

In gratitude and more soon,


'Fall in Provence' 2008

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