Dear Everyone,

It’s 10:30 pm and I’m sitting at the Travel Lodge in San Francisco across from the airport so that I can fly out tomorrow afternoon on a press trip to France.  It is called ‘Luxury Provence’ and will definitely be a ‘Cinderella’ time with chateaus, wine, and amazing food, Sainte Tropez.  We’re even going to Aix where I lived for 8 months in 2000.

I got invited just 8 days ago, so it has been a scramble to get ready to go.  But I couldn’t pass it up.  I’m armed with a bunch of assignments for newspapers, magazines and radio, and some time after the trip to visit some friends in and around Aix.  All the other writers are from New York and then there’s the California Farm woman/writer.  It will be interesting!

Life is more complex these days with nine lovely hens and two little kittens at the farm, a winter vegetable crop in (small), plus a project of turning one of the sheds into a guest room.  But Joanna is still living on the farm with me so she supported me in going, including driving down with me to San Francisco and then coming back to get me in 15 days.

It has been an amazing summer since the deck was finished.  I had my first ‘Camp Grandma’ with Ellie and Ava for six days.  We went to the river almost every day and played our hearts out.  We played a lot with Marisha and Dylan and then everyone came together for the weekend and a fun reunion.  Michelle and Claude, Heather, Dan and baby Hunter, Marisha, Tad and Dylan and Brendan and Maggie.  What fun.

We sang with Brendan playing the violin and Maggie on guitar and had a yoga class Sunday morning on the deck with Marisha and Heather presiding–both excellent yoga teachers.  I’ve been sleeping out on the deck all summer.

Such sweet times to fall asleep looking at the Milky Way.

So today, I said goodbye to the farm and am off to France.  I’m going to do a blog again and this time I’m even getting paid to do it!  I will do one for that website—called Traveler, and a slightly different one here, so that I can include you.  This press trip will be busy from morning till night.  I’m flying over one day early to get one night’s sleep and try to get over my jet lag before being wined and dined nonstop for 5 days.

So stay tuned!  I hope to be able to blog each day and include photos.  It will be fun.

Sending hugs from here.



Being silly dancing with a chess King at the Nut Tree.

Being silly dancing with a chess King at the Nut Tree.

'Fall in Provence' 2008

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